Send form submissions to Google Docs

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July 25, 2011
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July 28, 2011

Send form submissions to Google Docs


123ContactForm offers multiple ways of viewing your form submissions. You can receive customized notifications via email for every entry, access form submissions in the 123ContactForm database (Submissions section), export submissions to CSV files, view charts and reports on your form entries (Reports section). Moreover, you can manipulate data using various 3rd party applications.

Google Docs integration allows you to have all of your form submissions sent to Google Docs, so that you can keep them in spreadsheets and share them with all interested parties. When integrating one of your forms with our Google Docs application, the submissions pertaining to that particular form will be sent to the same spreadsheet, with each entry on a new table row and with the form fields as column titles. For a different form, submissions will be sent to a different spreadsheet.


Select the Applications tab in your Settings section, choose Google Docs in the dropdown list and press Add. Type your Google Docs username and password in the provided fields and press Save. That’s all you need to do in order to enable Google Docs integration for your web form.

Sign up for a 123ContactForm account to start using our Google Docs integration. If you already have an account, click here to log in.

Alexandra Draghici
Alexandra Draghici
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