2.0 Mobile Optimization for Your Forms is Here

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August 7, 2012
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August 27, 2012

2.0 Mobile Optimization for Your Forms is Here


mobile formsFor many of us, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have replaced the PC or laptop in daily web navigation. Knowing this, we are now introducing a superior level of mobile optimization here at 123ContactForm, so that your forms and surveys will adapt to all types of screens.

Basically, the coding explanation behind the change is that we’ve shifted from <table> to <div> containers in the form code. When a mobile terminal is accessing the URL of your form, 123ContactForm detects what kind of device it is – either a phone or a tablet, each with its own particular output dimension. The layout of form elements is adjusted automatically for best rendering on your favorite device.

The optimization applies to all forms created with 123ContactForm. Let’s now discuss a couple of scenarios where the change reflects most significantly.

One column forms

This is probably the most popular form layout. Contact forms, RSVP forms or even more complex creations such as survey questionnaires usually find their optimum shape in a single column arrangement. On your mobile screen, these forms will elegantly fill the available space and create a sense of lightweight. Even wide columns such as Google Maps can now fit perfectly into all display dimensions. Using their devices, visitors can scroll down or zoom in/out to see the whole picture.

Tablet event registration

Multiple column layout

tablet multi column

Complex forms and surveys are best expressed in a multiple column arrangement, which helps save horizontal space and offers more information at one glance. Until now, such compact forms posed the risk of not rendering correctly on certain resolutions or devices. Now all that is a thing of the past; with the 123ContactForm optimization, your multiple column forms fall in just the right place on any type of screen.

mobile survey

Mobile surveys

They are flexible, ubiquitous and extremely popular. In the hands of a wise entrepreneur or marketer, mobile surveys can be the richest source of customer insights. Now your surveys are equipped for each possible medium. Users can view the surveys correctly on any resolution from less than 128 square pixels all the way up to wide mobile screens.

As you implement mobile friendly forms and surveys, we would very much appreciate your feedback. Happy form building!

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
Optimizing business procedures and improving digital communication through web forms.