123ContactForm Loves You!

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February 17, 2013
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February 26, 2013

123ContactForm Loves You!

thank you

You are maybe wondering why am I writing such a declaration now, since we are well past Valentine’s Day. Our awesome customers, however, show us every day that there are so many reasons to go on spreading the love all through the year.

Here at 123ContactForm customer care is a both-sided concept. Joining our support team’s daily job, our awesome users give us back plenty of care and attention, and we sure feel it. Strongly. We wish to give a warm “Thank You” to all of you who helped shape 123ContactForm to the stage it is now.

Everyone who gives credit to 123ContactForm, either by positive or negative criticism, is our most helpful ally. Let me jot down just some of the reasons why we are deeply and sincerely in love with you.

  • As our homepage shows, the kangaroo has so far sent along over 17 million form submissions you’ve made through our service. Handling us your data means you trust 123ContactForm and our secure online forms. Thank you!
  • You had patience with us when we were down (literally) and stood by us through the hard times like a real friend does. In the minutes when our servers happened to have downtime, we received supportive comments and a certain person in the US even offered us homemade cookies. We are indeed lucky to have you, people, beside!
  • You’ve shown us that you enjoy using our service, and this reflects in the search stats and rankings we have today. If you like us, Google likes us too. And we are thrilled about it.
  • Each month we find that people from over 180 countries interact with our website. This means almost all the surface of the world, apart from the icy lands and deserted areas. Gosh, we do enjoy speaking a language that everybody understands!

The kangaroos at 123ContactForm are hopping around in joy as I write these words. Rest assured that we will give our best to maintain the quality of our service and to constantly add the new features you’ve been requesting. Way to go, fellas!