The fabulous reason why we have launched SMS Notifications

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The fabulous reason why we have launched SMS Notifications

Short-legged donkey

Dear 123ContactForm,

Short-legged donkeyI am writing to ask for your kind help. I’m having an issue that I trust you’ll be able to solve, as it’s tearing my life apart.

I’ve recently built a survey on short-legged donkeys. Donkeys are one of my greatest passions. I published the survey on my Facebook page using your wonderful application. Submissions started coming and I only need 50 more to draw a conclusive survey report and make it public.

And here’s the problem. I’m so excited that I keep checking my email for new entries every 5 minutes. Most of the time, there are no new submissions, so I’m checking my email for nothing. But then there are the times when a brand new entry is waiting for me in the inbox. And every submission brings me closer to getting the report published.

I can’t focus on anything else besides checking my email! My wife is mad and hasn’t cooked me dinner for a whole week (I KNOW, WOMEN), my boss has posted a job ad to replace me, and my eyes are starting to hurt because of this glossy screen monitor that I’ve got.

That’s why I’m asking you to find a different way of letting me know that I’ve received a new submission. Something that wouldn’t require me checking my email.

Could you please help?

Best regards,

P.S.: Please don’t tell me to get some counseling. I’ve been through that already.

This is the message that we received from one of our users. Obviously, we had to act quickly. Florin announced an emergency meeting for coming up with a solution. In two hours, the specifications were ready. Considerable amounts of coffee were prepared for the developers who were going to work overnight. In the morning, the new feature was ready. We named it SMS notifications.

The developers went to sleep and we rang up Bob.
– Do you mean that I will receive a notification via SMS every time I get a new submission?
– Exactly.
– No need to check my email?
– None.
– You guys are awesome!
– Yes, we get that a lot.

SMS notifications are available not only for Bob, but also for any of our users who want to receive an SMS at each new form submission. The message goes like: “Hey, you’ve received a new submission.” You get it. So enjoy. And please let us know if you experience any extreme situation that we can help out with. Thanks!

Alexandra Draghici
Alexandra Draghici
is the Project Manager of 123ContactForm. She tracks our project development and acts as a link between departments. Alexandra likes web technologies and teaching online and offline.