4 Common Mistakes When Designing Your Web Form

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December 9, 2015
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4 Common Mistakes When Designing Your Web Form

common mistakes in web forms

Web form designers and web form builders have discussed quite a lot about how to improve design and with it, conversion rates. Like with everything, trends change and there are more ways to build forms and old methods get left behind. However, some stick:

Input Validation

This simple rule makes sure users who fill out your form insert the correct information inside the respective field. For example setting an email field a email validation ensures that you will get your needed data. In the case of other types of validations, makes sure they are clearly set up and explained. For example, a phone number:

Valid Input

Having Too Many Fields

Web form designers stress this more than anything. Having too many fields drastically decreases conversion rates and you definitely don’t want that. Now, the length of your form also depends on its use. If it’s for a sign-up, then it will look a lot different then if it’s used for downloading an ebook. What we recommend here is doing some A/B testing to see what works better. This also works for the position of your form, not only for the number of fields.

Having Compact Fields

Having compact fields means they will look like this, no label next to the field, but inside it.

email compact field

It might save you some space and if you really need to do this in order to make your design exquisite, then of course you can (that’s why the option is there). However, be careful how you balance this with the length of your form so users don’t forget what they need to fill out and get frustrated.

Copying a Paper Form

Although this one might seem odd, some form users keep the structure and design of the classic paper forms. First of all, this interferes with rule number two, having too many fields and lowering conversion rates. Besides that, it looks unattractive and chaotic. Think of your reaction when having to fill out a paper form. I bet it your eyes started rolling when you imagined this in front of you.


Obviously, there are more mistakes than these ones, so we invite you to read more, like 10 Ways You’re Killing Your Form Response Rates & 10 Small Web Form Tweaks With Huge Effects.

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