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Use this form to contact me if you wish to advertise on my website, or you found a broken link, or want to engage a tour guide, or wish to provide additional information on a subject I wrote about.  

Although I love to hear from you, due to the sheer number of emails I receive, I may not be able to provide a response, but I'll try my best.  

If your purpose of writing is to mention something on my website, please provide me the URL of the page you are talking about.  For example, if it's Chulia Street, mention the URL, which is in your message.  I have over nineteen thousand pages in this website, and having the URL helps a lot in zooming in on what you want to talk about.

If your purpose of writing is to ask a travel-related question, I courteously request that you try to find the answer on my website before contacting me.  At the top right of every page is a "Google Custom Search" box.  Just key in your question, and a list of the most relevant pages will be shown.  

Thank you so much!

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