NCFL Louisville 2017 Lunch Order Forms - 

If you would rather PAY BY Credit Card, click HERE.

All lunch options are $12 each and include a bottle of water.  Vegan-friendly options are available at each site (with the exception of the non-vegan cookie).  

STUDENT CONGRESS COMPETITORS AND JUDGES DO NOT NEED TO PRE-ORDER LUNCHES.  There will be plenty of options within walking distance of the Congress competition site, which is the Galt House.

NOTE:  The hot KFC lunch buffet is NOT available for University of Louisville campus meals.  There are a limited number of KFC lunches and are available on a first-ordered basis.

ALL LUNCHES must be ordered and paid for by May 15, 2017.

To pay with Paypal, please click on SUBMIT ORDER at bottom of page once your order is complete.

For questions or concerns, please contact KCFL Co-Moderator, Rosemary Cundiff-Brown, at or via cell phone at (502) 641-0744.