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BBLT 16 Application Form 2017

Admission Procedure

All interested applicants must complete the application form. After the initial screening of theapplication forms (round 1), a written exam (round 2) will be held. Following the written exam, therewill be a group discussion (round 3), and the shortlisted applicants will be invited for final selectionthrough an interview round (round 4). The Class duration of BBLT 16 is July 2-September 16 and the deadline of the application is May 25, 2017.

Building Bridges through Leadership Training (BBLT) - Applciation Form

Please take your time and carefully fill up the following application. Your application will be judged on clarity, organization, and originality.

You can also apply in Bangla from this link.

Personal Information

Other Details

Educational Information


The multiple choice questions are designed to check your knowledge and competence in various areas. Please read the following questions carefully and choose from one of the four options.

I. Multiple Choice Questions


II. Quantitative Assessment

III. Critical Thinking

A real estate developer has built a new office building of six floors, and numbered the floors 1 through 6 from bottom to top. Each of the six companies — F, G, I, J, K, and M — must be assigned an entire floor for office space. The floors must be assigned according to the following conditions:

  • F must be on a floor lower than G
  • I must be either on the floor immediately above M or on the floor immediately below M
  • J can be neither on the floor immediately above M not the floor immediately below M
  • K must be on floor 4

IV. General Knowledge

Read the following questions carefully. Please tick the most appropriate answer for each question in this section. All questions in this section have a single correct answer only.

V. Analytical Assessment


Please read the following reflective questions carefully, and answer each of the questions within the word limit. Your responses will be judged on its organization, clarity, and authenticity.