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APL 18-19 Application Form 2017

Applicant's Eligibility:
Only third or fourth year undergraduate students, fresh university graduates (up to one year after graduation), and first or second year full-time master’s students are eligible to apply for the three-day national workshop. Please note that executive master's students are not eligible to apply.

Registration Fee:
APL registration fee is BDT 7000, which includes BDT 1000 registration fee for the lifetime membership of BYLC Graduate Network (BGN). But, if you are already a BYLC graduate and a BGN member, then the BGN registration fee BDT 1000 will not be applicable for you.

After graduating from the APL program, you are eligible to participate in a two-dayprofessional development workshop with BYLC Office of Professional Development (OPD). OPDworkshop fee is BDT 3000. But if you register for both APL and OPD workshops together, you will get BDT 2000 discount from the OPD workshop. So, the total registration fee for APL+BGN+OPD is BDT 8000.

Please take your time and carefully fill out the following application in English. Your application will be evaluated based on accuracy, clarity, organization, and originality of your thoughts.
Which APL date would you prefer most?

Note: APL 18 will be held in Rajshahi and APL 19 will be held in Chittagong. Please select the date and location according to your convenience. If you have any queries, please email us at

Personal Information

Educational Qualification

Part A: General Knowledge

Part B: Leadership (select the best answer)

Part C: Critical Thinking

A real estate developer has built a new office building of six floors, and numbered the floors 1 through 6 from bottom to top. Each of the six companies — F, G, I, J, K, and M — must be assigned an entire floor for office space. The floors must be assigned according to the following conditions:

• F must be on a floor lower than G
• I must be either on the floor immediately above M or on the floor immediately below M
• J can be neither on the floor immediately above M not the floor immediately below M
• K must be on floor 4

Part C: Analytical Writing

Please read the following questions carefully, and answer each of the questions in your own words within 250 words. Your answer will be judged on your articulation, logical thinking, clarity, and authenticity.