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Fit Guide Descriptions:

Relaxed Fit: Our relaxed fit offers a subtle shape. It's an easier fit for more movement and a more casual look.
Classic Fit: Our classic fit is tailored & sophisticated, semi-fitted to flatter your figure.
Fitted: Sits closer to the body for a more sexy look

Consumer Fit Trial Participation Waiver

This document serves to outline the necessary conditions for my participation in the Consumer Fit Trial being conducted by Carrie Parry LLC.

(1)    I certify that I am at least 18 years of age, of sound mind and body and legally able to make binding decisions.

(2)    I have no physical limitations that will prevent me from trying on apparel.   

(3)    I acknowledge that participation in the Consumer Fit Trial is purely voluntary, and that I wish to participate.

(4)    I understand that Carrie Parry LLC will accept and schedule participants for the Consumer Fit Trial on a first come, first served basis. Carrie Parry LLC will schedule participants during reasonable business hours and at its discretion.  Carrie Parry LLC will cease scheduling participants when it has determined it has scheduled enough participants between sizes 2 and 12. This determination will be made at the sole discretion of Carrie Parry LLC.

(5)    I understand that If I am accepted and scheduled by Carrie Parry LLC to participate in the Consumer Fit Trial that I will receive a 50% discount on purchases of Carrie Parry’s Collection (subject to availability) on the day of the event participation and that all purchases on that day will be Final Sale and I will also receive a coupon for 20% off a  future online purchase of the Carrie Parry product line. Both the 50% discount and the 20% coupon cannot be combined with other offers.

(6)    I understand that I may be measured and consent to being measured.

(7)    All information rendered by me as part of the Consumer Fit Trial (including but not limited to the survey I complete, measurements taken of me) will be the property of Carrie Parry LLC, and I understand that Carrie Parry LLC will use this information for its own purposes and will retain all ownership rights to it. I agree that I will not retain any ownership of this information.  

(8)    The Consumer Fit Trial will be conducted in Alvanon, Inc’s facilities. I will not take any pictures, make any videos or audio recordings of any Consumer Fit Trial activities, any other participants or of Alvanon, Inc’s facilities.

(9)    I release Carrie Parry LLC and Alvanon, Inc from any and all claims of liability or damage of any kind, including, but not limited to damages against personal character resulting from participation in this Consumer Fit Trial.

(10) Any and all information obtained by me, including but not limited to any know-how or use, Alvanon’s facilities,  Alvanon’s products, or product development plans, techniques and activities, will be treated as proprietary and confidential information and may not be disclosed to any third party without the express written  permission of Alvanon, Inc. I understand that disclosure of any such information may cause irreparable harm to Alvanon, Inc. and that Alvanon, Inc. may pursue legal action against me if I disclose such information.


By writing my name and dating the form below I am stating that I have read and agreed to the Participation Waiver              


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