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GYTSM 2014 Partner Form

NOYS is excited to launch the 2014 Global Youth Traffic Safety Month® and needs your help in ensuring widespread success. Together we can generate the vital public awareness necessary to eliminate the 1.3 million senseless and tragic worldwide deaths caused by motor vehicle crashes each year. NOYS invites your organization to partner with us on Global Youth Traffic Safety Month. Your primary role as a Global Youth Traffic Safety Month partner will be to help NOYS communicate the importance of youth road safety and youth empowered peer-led efforts, and to tell us about your organization’s existing efforts. By joining forces with NOYS in support of Global Youth Traffic Safety Month, you will help generate national visibility for your organization and its work on the campaign. Through inclusion in press and campaign materials, possible media appearances, and the work done through youth all across the world, your organization can assist in addressing youth road safety worldwide.

Your commitment can be as grand or small as your time and resources allow. It can include, but is not limited to, providing your membership and other constituents with educational materials and informing them of your commitment to Global Youth Traffic Safety Month in your publications and/or on your website. NOYS would be happy to collaborate with your organization to develop specific activities and public relations opportunities that will fit the needs of your constituents.

There is no charge to become a Global Youth Traffic Safety Month partner. However, you will reap many benefits in this essential role. Please email or fax back this form to let us know how you intend to support the 2014 Global Youth Traffic Safety Month and what materials we can send you to help in your efforts.