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PRICING ALERT - 8/10/2014

We are constantly searching the internet to ensure that you are receiving the best possible value.
The last internet price search of approximately 20 random websites yielded the following results.
The part Number for our basic diagnostic set is 97250-MC.:

Highest Price was $1,190.95
Lowest Price was $494.88
Average Price was $561.44
Our Price is $495, INCLUDING TAX and DELIVERY.  Promotions are outlined above.

11 sites offered free shipping.
7 sites charged sales tax.
0 sites offered any promotional incentives.
13 sites indicated average delivery timeframe of 7-12 days.

We have ALL equipment in inventory at our MIAMI warehouse.
On-Time Delivery is GUARANTEED!

ALL of our prices INCLUDE Sales Tax.
We DOT NOT charge for On-Campus Delivery.

Blood Pressure is, by far, the most commonly performed and most fundamental of all traditional vital signs acquired during a patient encounter.  Hypertension and CardioVascular disease affect nearly 75 million Americans and the sphygmomanometer will be your tool for early detection of this silent killer.  It is vitally important for you to be proficient at acquiring accurate BP readings and, therefore, a quality BP gauge, or Sphygmomanometer, is required.

Your stethoscope will be your closest companion throughout your entire career as a medical practitioner.    There's far more to a stethoscope than you might imagine so you are urged to review the extensive information provided so you can make an educated decision.  When it comes to stethoscopes, the name is least important.  Focus on Flexibility, Serviceability, Comfort and Sound Quality.  There ARE differences.
You are being offered three industry-leading stethoscope products which are all cardiology-grade products yet may differ slightly according to acoustic frequency ranges, included accessories, customization ability, warranty coverage and price.  Pros and Cons of each item are provided underneath their description.

The DLX CARDIOLOGY Stethoscope would be considered accoustically superior to the other two options as it is made of TRUMPET BRASS instead of standard stainless steel and, therefore, conducts sound better and eliminates unwanted ambient noise.  It also includes multiple accessories and a conversion kit.

You elected to purchase a DIAGNOSTIC SET and, therefore, the Adult Disposable Otoscope Speculum and Pocket Eye Chart have been removed from the list of miscellaneous items below.  These items are FREE with the purchase of a diagnostic and we don't want you to pay for them when you can get them for FREE!

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