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Lil' Elks Girls Volleyball Camp

WHEN: July 7 thru July 10, 2014
WHERE: Centerville Watts MS Gym 
WHAT TO BRING: wear athletic clothing, shoes & knee pads, water bottle, towel 
QUESTIONS: Contact Head Coach Yoon Ha ‐ 937.545.2595 / yoonvb@gmail.com

Centerville Girls Volleyball Camp will focus on teaching the fundamental skills of volleyball in a high energy & learning friendly environment. Our primary focus is on skill training; NOT THE FLUFF. All the drills stress a lot of repetition with attention to good technique. The intensity and skills taught at each session will be based on the skill level of the campers. We try to make sure everyone has the ability to develop at their own pace. Every camper will receive a t-shirt.  NOTE - If you have any questions regarding on what session your daughter should attend, please don't hesitate to contact me.

SESSION I (12pm – 1:45pm / $60) - mainly for campers who will be in 1st thru 3rd grade in 2014-15 school year. For this age we will be using oversized volleyballs to help with hand eye coordination. The focus for this session is a lot of motor skills wrapped around the sport of volleyball. We will also be teaching them the flow of the game. 

SESSION II (2:15pm – 4:45pm / $70) - mainly for campers who will be in 4th thru 6th grade in 2014-15 school year. We will be using volley-lites for this session. This is for players who have 1-3 years of volleyball experience. They will be split up between a beginner's and advanced court where the same skills will be worked on both courts. The advanced court will be run at a more intense pace with some more advanced techniques.

SESSION III (5pm – 7:30pm / $70) - mainly for campers who will be in 6th thru 9th grade in 2014-15 school year. This is mainly for campers who are in those grades and/or have minimum of 3 years of volleyball experience. This session will be run at a very intense pace while breaking down the skills at a more detailed level. Regular volleyball will be used for this session. 

 *** NOTE - This camp is NOT for Centerville incoming freshmen. They will be attending the high school preseason. ***

Checks should be made out toCHS Girls Volleyball Parent Group

Please include the Liability Waiver Form with payment.

Payments should be mailed to - 

Yoon Ha - 3931 South Chalet Circle Beavercreek, OH 45431