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  • Mountain Dell Equestrian Farm Show
    April 23

    Registration required by April 19

    Show starts at 1:00 PM

  • This is a practice event for Mountain Dell Equestrian students and invited guests.  Unlike "real" shows, it is acceptable to go in a class that you are not "ready" for provided that you can safely control your horse through the required elements.

  • "Over Poles" is a pre-jumping class, a simple course of poles on the ground
  • "Handy Hunter" will be an equitation type course and may have some elements that would be encountered in the field 
  • Ranch Pleasure will require extended and collected gaits and will be judged on "working" standards
  • Trail may be ridden in Western or English tack
  • Negative Coggins will be checked
  • Cross entering will be permitted 
  • NO SMOKING on property
  • No dogs
  • ASTM certified helmet properly fitted and fastened required by anyone mounted
  • Have Fun
  • Classes may be added or scratched the day of the show-this is just to give us an idea
Ribbons 1-5 
Championship and Reserve English and Western Rider

$5.00 class or $25.00 All Day