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Online forms with PayPal integration are simple e-commerce solutions for online businesses as well as for brick and mortar companies with web presence. With 123ContactForm HTML form generator, you can receive deposits via PayPal and also collect in-depth information from your users.

Want to offer multiple payment choices to your customers on checkout? Create your PayPal order forms and integrate them with PayPal Payments Standard, Paypal Payments Pro, PayPal Payflow or PayPal Payments Advanced. These payment services are available starting with the Platinum plan of 123ContactForm. You have all the form fields that you need, advanced customizing options, price calculation and much more!

PayPal Payment integration

PayPal donation forms, registration forms to collect attendance fees or classical order forms, all can be created with the 123ContactForm online form builder.

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Is PayPal safe? Yes, it is. And so are our secure forms. Data is processed using a solid 256-bit SSL certificate. Reliable and easy as 1-2-3!

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We believe in efficiency, so you can get your PayPal order form script in minutes. Get your account and follow our step by step guide.
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Case study. The Granger Plastics use a simple e-commerce tool: order forms with PayPal payment integration, which shorten and optimize the sales process.

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