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Online groups, as types of web communities, are perfect channels for disseminating information. They hold people together and facilitate not only one way communication, but also interaction. Once included in a group, users receive the moderator’s messages and can be encouraged to get involved actively – to post their own messages, to reply, to take part in constructive discussions that will enhance the community image. It only depends on the type of behavior moderators wish to stimulate whether the group will be a newsletter tool or a space for discussion.

Either way, online groups are powerful, easy to create and manage instruments that can benefit a wide range of people with different needs. 123ContactForm web forms can be integrated with the two most popular platforms for online groups – Google Groups and Yahoo Groups. When using groups integration, the email addresses of your form visitors will be added to your Google Group or Yahoo Group as soon as submissions are completed. Visitors will receive confirmation emails. Basically, every form submission means a new email address one step away from joining your group.


To enable Google Groups integration or Yahoo Groups integration, visit your 123ContactForm Settings section, select the Applications tab, choose Google Groups or Yahoo Groups in the dropdown list and press Add. In the box that shows up at page bottom, type the name of your group and select the form field that contains visitors’ email addresses. Click on Visit to make sure that the name of your group is spelled correctly. Then press Save and the application is set up.


Sign up for a 123ContactForm account to start using our Google Groups and Yahoo Groups integrations. If you’ve already got an account, click here to log in.

Your web forms can be integrated with many other wonderful 3rd party apps, among which VerticalResponse, MailChimp, SalesForce and iContact.

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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