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Sign up for free on 123ContactForm to create your online job application form without code, as easy as 1-2-3! But let’s enjoy a good read on how to set up an online job application form by the book.

Great working teams are hard to gather. Except for those wonderful cases in which people who think and feel alike meet up at the right moment, leading to natural and beautiful team expansions, one has to look long and carefully for new team members. Job websites are the most commonly used resource in such cases, but they are rarely free of charge and not always reliable. 123ContactForm provides a friendly and trustworthy solution that will help you find the right people sooner.

Build an online job application form and publish it on your company website. The percentage of relevant applications you receive will be higher than with specialized job websites, for only those truly interested in becoming a member of your team will send their applications. Your own job application form saves time and effort and costs nothing. Well, only a part of your webmaster’s salary, but – possibly to his or her bad fortune – a really small part. With 123ContactForm, your online application form can be up on the web – how else than – as quick as 1-2-3. Talking about the advantages of online application forms, we can’t leave out the image boost given to your company. Companies that have their own employment application form respect their teams and themselves.

What questions to include in the job application form? Few basic ones that will tell you in a couple of seconds if you should or should not open the person’s resume and / or consider interviewing the person face to face. The job application template above can be edited to request any type of information you consider necessary.

Start your online application form by asking for the identification and contact data: name, email and phone. Applicants are then asked to specify the job they are applying for. Here, you can use two different types of fields, depending on your preferences and the spots you’ve got available: a text box where applicants must type their desired positions or a dropdown list / radio buttons fields where all of the available jobs are listed and applicants are invited to choose one. Further, ask for the available start date and the current employment status.

The final part of the online application form refers to the applicant’s resume. Applicants may upload their resume or provide a URL to it, if hosted somewhere on the web. Depending on the option they tick, an upload field or an URL field – hidden up to now – will show up. This is possible with field rules; they can be established for any of your application form fields.

For instance, the online job application form can also contain a reference section, as shown in the image below. If applicants tick the Yes button, new form fields for reference contact data show up. If they tick No, then nothing new shows up.

Job Application References

And that’s your online job application form! Log in or sign up for a 123ContactForm account, set up your form and gather your awesome team in no time. And have a look at other form templates that can speed up your HR business processes.


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    What if I don’t want to use this for an application. I just want a link that I can forward to applicants to apply for position.

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