Why & How to Create a Sales Lead Form

Sales leads are the first step in closing sales. Leads can come from various online and offline sources and refer to data gathered on prospective customers or business partners. Although the approach is different, both B2B and B2C marketing need to capture leads and to nurture relationships.

With B2B, the aim is to get leads on company representatives and then to turn them into contacts that will facilitate business communication, cooperation and transactions. Leads in B2C are meant to generate and structure a database of potential customers, that will indicate towards what segments you should direct specific products, services, special offers or information.

A sales lead can consist of as little as a name and an email address. Initial data can then be expanded with new information on the lead. The more you know, the more targeted you are and the more chances you’ve got to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships. A lead that results in a closed sale becomes a conversion. Harnessing quality leads means having a higher conversion rate, which equals to higher business success.

Sales Lead Form

Online sales lead forms can be placed on your company website, on social media pages or sent as direct links to your future leads via email or messenger. OurĀ sales lead form template can be customized in terms of structure and appearance in any way that suits your needs best.

Here are our suggestions on what information you should elicit in order to generate helpful leads: basic data on the company represented by the person (if that is the case); the person’s identity and contact information; additional information on, for instance, how respondents heard about your company, what industry they are interested in or what comments & questions they’ve got for you. You can also use upload fields for the scanned documents you may receive from B2B leads.

Online sales lead forms can be integrated beautifully with 3rd party apps like MailChimp and SalesForce, that will help you manage and make the best out of your leads.

A part of the leads that you get will grow into strong relationships that may generate new leads themselves. In the long run, leads are definitely worth the time and effort invested.


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