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October 28, 2011
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November 8, 2011

123ContactForm + Facebook + Twitter

123ContactForm plus Facebook plus Twitter

In social times, we need social tools. As powerful and well targeted as possible, since users fancy what is quick & simple & efficient most. 123ContactForm comes to show you how you can reach and impress people on the two most popular social platforms with one single web form. Here are the steps:

1. Create the form in your 123ContactForm account. Any type of form or survey works, since they can all be linked to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously. Keep in mind that the Form + Facebook + Twitter formula applies best to surveys, online order forms, event registration forms, i.e. cases in which spreading the word is purposeful.

2. Enable Twitter integration for your form. This can be set up easily in your SettingsApplications section. The integration links your 123ContactForm account to your Twitter account and means that a message – fully customizable in the 123ContactForm interface – will be tweeted each time somebody fills out your form.

3. Publish the form using the 123ContactForm application for Facebook. Go to your Facebook account, access the application and create the form/page association in the application interface. If another form is already published on your Facebook page, don’t worry – you can publish up to five forms on the same Facebook page.

And here’s the outcome. The form will show up nicely in a separate tab on your Facebook page. Each time it gets filled out, a message will be automatically sent from your Twitter account, saying, for instance, User has just registered on Form Name.

123ContactForm plus Facebook plus Twitter

Facebook pages are the easiest to create for promoting a product, service, event or idea. And the quickest to find. Facebook forms have good exposure and usually gather many submissions. With the 123ContactForm app, posting a form on your Facebook page requires nothing more than a couple of clicks.

Twitter stresses the essential. Short and focused messages announcing that somebody filled out the form are simple and effective means for raising form popularity. Tweets will generate new form users at an accelerated pace and you’ll receive more and more enthusiastic form submissions.

And all of this is triggered by one web form. The 123ContactForm + Facebook + Twitter formula helps you kill not one, not two, but three birds with one stone (no offence to the Twitter birdie): use a top class form, get Facebook exposure and send instant tweets that generate even more popularity! After you’ve set up the form, just lay back and enjoy the results.

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
Optimizing business procedures and improving digital communication through web forms.

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