Form Building Tips & Tricks

We’ve prepared a set of tips and tricks that will show you how to obtain compelling results with some easy form tweaks. They might also trigger new ideas of your own for extending the capabilities of your forms.


Hidden buttons

Submit, Calculate and Purchase – these buttons can easily be hidden.

1. Submit: You can find this button listed in your SettingsRules section. Set up a rule that hides it until a specific field is completed.

2. Calculate: If you don’t want for calculations to be available in your order form, paste this code: #id123-button-calc {display: none;} in the SettingsThemesUse Custom CSS section.

3. Purchase: But if you only want to give an order estimate and to receive no actual orders, use the code #id123-button-send {visibility: hidden;}, which will hide the Purchase button.


State instead of Region

The predefined Address field contains the subfield named Region. Many of our US users prefer to have the field instruction State displayed instead. Since our service is used worldwide, it is fair to stick to Region in the default version of the field.

But you can always change it into State really easily. In your SettingsTranslations section, click on Add Translation, select Region in the dropdown list and type State in the text box. That’s it!

Agreement request

When you want to make sure that form users agree with your Terms and Conditions, with a Privacy Policy or with similar documents, you can include a required and unlabeled one-choice Checkbox field at the bottom of your form, which makes it explicit that users are giving their consent. Right below it, place an HTML block containing a link to the web page where they can access the document.




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