New feature: Domain aliasing. Run forms on your own website

Our most recent release – domain aliasing (or domain mapping) – enables you to use an alias for the 123ContactForm domain URL. The alias will contain the name of your own domain and no reference to 123ContactForm. This way, even if the form is processed on our servers, from users’ point of view, everything will happen on your website.

123ContactForm Domain Mapping

In order to set up a domain alias, you need to create a subdomain (e.g.: and add the following CNAME record to your server DNS: CNAME Replace with your real subdomain. On the 123ContactForm side, in your Get Code & Publish section, under Domain Aliasing, add the subdomain you’ve just set up. The form URL will instantly be replaced with the URL alias in every subsection of the publishing area. Copy/paste the form code like you usually do.

Check out our Help & Documentation section to learn more on domain aliasing with 123ContactForm.


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The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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