Tips & Tricks for Your Web Forms

1. Submission limit. Do you want to accept no more than 20, 100 or 500 submissions? You just need to specify the maximum number of submissions and the form will be deactivated once that number is reached. This feature can be enabled in SettingsSecurity.

2. Limited number of seats. With registration forms, submission limitation may require a different approach. If one submission can count for more than one reserved seat, then the maximum number that can be reached does not equal to the submission count, but is built up from the input values.

Add a Number field to your form and tick the option Limit submissions by input values. Specify the total number of seats in the Maximum Value box. No changes need to be made to the Current Value. It will be updated automatically, at every form submission, summing up the values provided by users.

When the current value equals to the maximum value, visitors are informed that the maximum number of participants has been reached. And that is not all. Below the label, the field contains a special instruction that, while seats are still available, lets users know how many there are left. This instruction is also updated automatically. Its text can be changed in SettingsTranslations.

3. Maximum number of choices. Checkbox fields can allow for a maximum number of choices. In the Edit Field panel, click on Advanced Options and type your preferred number in the box Max Number of Choices. If form users tick one more choice than specified, they’ll get an alert message. Use field instructions to let them know from the beginning that they are allowed to choose a certain number of options.

4. Reset button. You can add a Reset button right next to Submit. Form users can change their minds no matter how many times – it will take them one click to start over. When you click on the Submit button area, you’ll see the option Show Reset button in the Edit Field panel. Enable it and change its text according to your needs.


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