123ContactForm – Zendesk integration

123ContactForm - Zendesk integrationThe third party integration we’re launching today is not a lead collector, like most of our third party apps. 123ContactForm – Zendesk is an integration that helps you help your customers. It connects your contact form(s) to your help desk, facilitating support requests.

This means that customers don’t necessarily have to ask for assistance directly in your Zendesk interface. They can do it by filling out a contact form published anywhere on the web. What’s more, multiple contact forms can be linked to the same Zendesk account. From now on, support will always be a couple of clicks away.

The 123ContactForm – Zendesk integration can be enabled in your SettingsApplications section. Add the app, enter you Zendesk information and create associations between 123ContactForm and Zendesk form fields. The easiest way to set up your contact form with Zendesk integration is to reproduce your Zendesk web form in your 123ContactForm account and pair up fields.

Learn more about the 123ContactForm – Zendesk integration.

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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