Advanced Survey Charts & Reports – Keep them in mind for your next online survey!

Top 5 reasons to use online survey charts & reports

1. You communicate the clear and complete survey findings. All the input that you’ve gathered from visitors using an online survey tool is presented in a structured format.

2. Graphical display conveys a message much quicker than words. Conclusions are viewed, not read, which takes up less effort and spares energy for analysis.

3. Group division is crystal clear and comparison instant. Results are presented in colored pie charts or in other types of charts, with numbers and percentages attached.

4. Everybody saves time. You save time when drawing and preparing survey conclusions and readers understand them at first sight.

5. Survey charts & reports are reusable. Survey reports are rarely the end purpose; most often, they become part of more complex presentations, where they prove or support a point.

Survey Charts and Reports

Oh, wait! With 123ContactForm survey reports, you’ve got 5 more reasons

1. Relevance is queen. 123ContactForm survey reports allow you to focus on what is important at a certain moment by using report filters or by including or leaving out survey questions.

2. Charts come in various flavors. Pie charts, bar charts (horizontal or vertical), line charts, all can be assigned to any survey field.

3. Other widgets are available. Display the number of submissions, show information from a numeric field, insert HTML blocks or even the submission table.

4. The layout is highly customizable. Survey reports can be customized in terms of layout and appearance: drag & drop sections, adjust their width and height, change colors and make various other tweaks.

5. It is easy. If it’s 123ContactForm, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Log in to your account and start experiencing the new 123ContactForm survey charts & reports.

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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