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We have received many requests from you with respect to multi-page forms and surveys, so today we are very happy to release them. The main cases in which pagination comes in handy are the following:

    • complex online forms of any type that require a bit of segmentation
    • long surveys that may burn users out unless split into easier to deal with sections
    • forms or surveys where branching involves more than a few fields and users need to jump through pages


  • Probably of greatest importance, forms with multiple pages may be of much help when you get creative and want to surprise form visitors.

As web users, we like what’s short and simple most. Form users are most likely going to devote their attention to three short and simple form pages rather than to one long and possibly wearisome page. Besides, almost each minor task completed contribues to keeping a good mood – and filling out a three-page form equals to completing three minor tasks successfully. For at least these reasons, multi-page web forms are tools that collect quality feedback and information from enthusiastic users.

The multi-page form feature can be enabled in your Form EditorAdvanced Fields panel. Drag the first Page Break to your form, then customize the pagination progress bar and add new page breaks. Learn more about multi-page forms.


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The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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