Cases when you MUST use a multi-language form or survey

There are a handful cases in which multi-language forms are no longer just a nice tweak, but veritable must haves. Cases in which form users must have, at all times, access to the form in their native language. These cases are listed exhaustively below.

Multi-Language Forms

    • When you use an online order form to sell women’s shoes and really don’t want them to tick coral pink by mistake, when they actually mean for salmon.


    • When you don’t want those shoes to be delivered to Bucharest instead of Budapest.


    • When you’ve got a one-field newsletter subscription form on your website, that might be mistaken for a search box.



    • When you build an online quiz and don’t want to leave any room for excuses for mixing up Swaziland with Switzerland.


  • When you live in Switzerland.

In either of these cases, we’ve got it all covered. With 123ContactForm multi-language web forms, setting up your form or survey in as many language as needed is as easy as uno – dos – tres. Aquí hay más información acerca de multi-language forms.

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
Optimizing business procedures and improving digital communication through web forms, surveys, polls and online quizzes.

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  1. Klingo Wolf says:

    grrr…with your multi language forms I won’t have to fill any Romulan forms anymore. 123ContactForm, join the Federation!

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