Complex Form Branching and Conditional Logic

Until recently, form branching with 123ContactForm meant showing or hiding a field based on the information provided in another field. In other words, a field rule referred to no more than two fields. Useful, yet rather restrictive. Many of you asked for advanced rules. The result is that now you can create advanced field rules. This means that the show/hide action isn’t triggered by one single condition anymore, but by up to 10 conditions, linked through AND or OR. Let’s see an example:

Advanced Field Rule

This advanced rule says that, if the form user is going on vacation this summer AND if he/she has a cat OR a dog AND doesn’t want to take the pet along, he/she should choose a summer animal camp, where to leave the fellow. Otherwise, there’s no reason to invite them to make a choice.

What’s more, advanced conditioning also works for confirmation rules and form rules. Learn more about complex rules in our Help & Documentation section and make your forms more flexible, more friendly!


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The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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  2. Joshua Cherwinski says:

    It was be nice if you could do more with the results.


    if are you going on vacation this summer – Yes is checked
    and Do you have a dog? Yes is Checked
    Then show Choose a summer animal Camp
    Show choose a Summer Animal camp plan

    • Alexandra says:

      Joshua, so two or more results instead of only one, right? Yes, that’s something which would make things even easier. Thank you for the suggestion.
      We had this in mind when we started working on the advanced rules, but decided that the rules system was already getting more complicated and that it would be better to save the complex results for another time.
      Anyway, it’s on our to-do list. Thanks!

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