New Feature: Multiple Fields on the Same Row

We’re very excited to tell you that multiple fields per row are here. From now on, your requests for information will be better structured and more visually appealing. Messages that are quick to understand have increased response rates, and the flexibility you’ve now got for organizing your forms is meant precisely to help you say and ask what you want and how you want to. Nobody knows your audience better than you do, so here it is – the chance to put everything in the right place.

Less space. With multiple fields on a row, much space can be saved. Previously, fields had to be placed one below the other, which could add up to more than you’d consider a clean user experience. Now, related fields can be placed side by side. You’ll be sparing space and, implicitly, user patience. Just be careful not to cram elements.

Multiple fields on the same row

More structure. Greater flexibility on your part equals to a more reliable structure at users’ end. Up to now, you could delimit sections using headings. With two or three fields on a row, the way users lay their eyes on fields will also be influenced by field arrangement. You’ve got enough control over the form to make the flow of elements natural and logical and to show how friendly and trustworthy your form is.

Better looks. Your forms will be more balanced from now on. Have you ever had a problem with fields of different widths not looking good together? Well, problem solved. Because the form canvas is now a joyful land of opportunity where fields can complete each other in whatever way you find most pleasing to the eye.

How to place two, three or even more fields side by side? You simply need to adjust their width in your Form Editor. Visit our Help & Documentation section to learn more about placing multiple fields on the same row.


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