Kangaroo Gone Wild for Halloween

Got spooked by the naughty bats fluttering around our homepage? Well, you should indeed because it’s (almost) Halloween!

The eerily holiday we all love has put its touch upon 123ContactForm. This year, the Kangaroo himself barged into the pantry and took a pumpkin for him. We were having a hard time trying to keep him away; he’s really an untamed beast. All dressed up like this, the roo is eager to spice up your tour on the 123ContactForm homepage. And it’s been heard that this cute guy has a love for holiday costumes – nobody knows what he will do next, stay tuned!

So who is dressing up as the 123ContactForm kangaroo this year? Accessories needed:
– T-shirt with “123ContactForm” stencil and a pouch
– Kangaroo mask – you’ve got our blessing to make it as freaky as you want
– Strange hopping mood.

The ball is in your court, you web form crazes. This means that we’ll see you costumed tomorrow too, right?

Chop chop! Go do the last check upon your secret stash of Halloween candy. Oh, and carve that fat pumpkin in the kitchen onto the creepiest Jack-o’-Lantern in the neighborhood.

A fun-filled Halloween to you all!

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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