Hallo, hallo Dutch Users! 123Formulier is Marching In

What comes to your mind when you think of Holland? Endless tulip fields outside your coach window, the unforgettable Heineken taste… or maybe the Red District? Today we’ll make a new bookmark. 123ContactForm is proud to announce the launch of its first localized service: 123Formulier for Netherlands!

The web form builder adapted for the land of windmills inherits all the traits you know and love about 123ContactForm. And a unique plus: it speaks Dutch.

123Formulier is aimed to give Dutch users a form building solution in their own language and with their own local traits. On the new website, everybody can create slick contact forms for any website or blog, online order forms with payment integration, registration forms with seat booking and custom forms for all purposes. All form building features of the main 123ContactForm can be found on the localized form builder too.

To create the new service we have partnered with Invender, a long-established European software publisher. Thanks to the great team we met there, it all went smoothly and slick as a whistle. The entire 123ContactForm interface and backend was translated into Dutch. We attracted local payment processors like Sisow and iDeal to carry online transactions within forms.

It was a rewarding process and we are thankful to having met such outstanding professionals and be given the opportunity to work together as a team. 123Formulier is the foremost localized version of 123ContactForm for European markets, and we are planning to carry forward soon.

For technical questions, 123Formulier users receive email support from a local Dutch team (we for one are such lousy Dutch speakers that we can barely say that “Hallo!” right). In terms of features, 123Formulier will always include the latest additions to the main 123ContactForm engine.

Veel succes, 123Formulier!

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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