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The post-submission edits are almost as important as the actual submission. Sometimes, the user needs to correct or update information in order to keep things accurate. Other times, you, as the form owner, need to edit the content sent by the user, so as to generate clean spreadsheets and reports. Our latest updates come to make this possible. Oh, and probably the most exciting piece of today’s news: users can now save incomplete submissions and resume them later.

1. Save and resume submissions. Web forms get higher rates of completion when users have the possibility to fill them out partially and return to complete the process at a later time. No effort lost and no pressure. See how to enable the Save & Continue later option for your forms.

2. Edit form submissions (form user). Not only can users save and resume submissions, but they can also make edits to messages that have already been delivered. This saves time for both the user and the owner, as it replaces the email/phone communication that would otherwise be necessary to update information. Read more about user-made submission edits.

*By default, the two options above are not enabled. It is entirely up to you whether form users will be able to save and resume submissions or to edit them later.

3. Edit form submissions (form owner). When the messages received through the form need to be as clear and complete as possible (for example, when you draw a report on the information collected), you can edit form submissions yourself, directly in the Submissions section of your 123ContactForm account. Find out more about owner-made submission edits.

Go ahead and play with the new options available for your form submissions! Then put them to use and create a better experience for your form users.


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  1. Josh says:

    Does the form owner get a notification email once a user updates or edits their submission?

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