One more team member at this end of year: Meet Vlad, our newest developer!

We’re considering switching from the web site building business to soccer. Because now we’re 11 and we’re all quite sporty. Until then, here is the last Meet the team post for this year. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Vlad, the newest developer at 123ContactForm.

Hello! My name is Vlad Crăsnaru and I am the newest web developer here at 123ContactForm.

I have graduated from the West University of Timişoara, Faculty of Computer Science, with a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Computing. Both my bachelor and master theses, as well as their associated applications, were in web development.

My main interest, besides programming, is defined by music production, beat-making and lyricism. I’m also interested in graphic design, which really is complementary to web programming. In this field, I’m still a beginner, but hopefully I’ll find the time to learn more and progress.

Other activities in my spare time involve hanging out with my friends, attending events, reading books and articles, watching documentaries.

I’ve been working as a web developer in the last 2 years. I decided to move on from developing internal web applications to working on a complex and interesting public website, in a friendly team and a pleasant environment.

I’m very glad to be here. Nice to meet you all!

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
Optimizing business procedures and improving digital communication through web forms, surveys, polls and online quizzes.


  1. Zachary Dulin says:

    A good read. Cheers 🙂

  2. Roberto says:

    Hello Vlad, welcome and good luck on your job.
    I’m a developer myself, this job can be tricky sometimes, but you’ll do well.

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