123ContactForm Blog Just Got a New Face

Our blog recently got a complete makeover! Beauty lays in details, we thought, so we did quite some work lately to polish the look and feel of the pages you now read. Oh, and since we’ve already got our hands dirty by tweaking textures and color combos we’ll keep doing that, so stay tuned for new enhancements along the way.

Let’s take a quick tour of the additions. First of all, you probably noticed the sexy dark pink shade of 123ContactForm quite everywhere you look. Images got bigger and bolder – even since designing days, this feature has made the particular delight of our feminine crew. Whenever you might feel lost, our Kangaroo will welcome and guide you around.

The category menu is now more straightforward, so it’s simpler to explore topics on our blog. Within the How To section you can read about all the ins and outs of using 123ContactForm. Resources is just what the name says: your source of business inspiration in tiny bits and bobs. Whether you represent a small business, a school or a nonprofit, you can find here handy web tools that can ease day to day jobs, witty blogs where you might get your inspiration, and of course talks about web form intelligence for your own benefit.

Under the Customers tab we feature, well, customer love stories together with real life scenarios involving 123ContactForm in action – check it out! Last but not least, ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Kangaroos! This is the section for 123ContactForm’s company culture, where we feature new team members and share general facts about how we roll (utterly necessary to know before you ever decide to do business with us).

All in all, we are quite jazzed with the result. Hit us with your thoughts and don’t forget to subscribe for our updates, if you haven’t already!

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
Optimizing business procedures and improving digital communication through web forms, surveys, polls and online quizzes.


  1. alyse says:

    this is confusing, does 123 offer a blog for users?
    or is this referring to the 123 blog?

    • Laura Moisei says:

      Alyse, the entire redesign thing took place on our very own blog that you are reading right now. Fundamentally, 123ContactForm offers an easy tool to create web forms that can be used virtually anywhere on the web: on your blog, website, Facebook page and more. Feel free to browse through our blog and learn about the features we offer.

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