A big hooray to 123ContactForm’s API release

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We’re thrilled to announce our Application Programming Interface (API) release. With this implementation we are now simplifying things for those who want to integrate their system with the 123ContactForm platform. The API functionality allows developers to easily customize their system’s performance by retrieving and using data from their 123ContactForm account.

How to Get it Rolling

Check our API documentation and see what you need to do to put your API on wheels. You will find the technical information that makes all of the magic possible.

123ContactForm API Usage – Examples & Scenarios

There were a lot of API requests coming from our prospective partners. Having analyzed their needs, we believe it would be helpful to share those insights with you – this might ring a bell even for those who don’t delve into coding on a daily basis.

Example 1. Retrieving web form data with API for a paywall charging system

A digital newspaper came with the API inquiry in order to implement a paywall strategy that would allow paid users to access premium articles. They needed the API to retrieve their form submissions from their 123ContactForm account, and to synchronize it with an external CRM software and a payment system. This represented a valuable solution for their paywall.

Example 2. Retrieving web form data through the API for powerful reporting

A landing page CRM who employ our registration forms on their system needed the API to retrieve user registration details and statistics from their registration forms. They display this information in their clients’ accounts in order to show the visitor-to-lead conversion rate statistics for each landing page. This helps them make better decisions in terms of conversion strategy.

We hope you find our API helpful and inspiring. If you have any questions or want to share your API usage ideas, please leave a comment below.

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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