Tuesday Form Template: First Day of School Questionnaire, Setting Student Expectations

It’s Tuesday, our template is here!

To welcome all students around the world who are on the verge of starting a new university year, we wanted to present a first day of school questionnaire as a method to give them the opportunity to set their expectations. Through such a form they can give teachers a direction for the content of lectures and projects. Using this type of form, university administrators can gain a notion over what students wish for their life in the campus.

The main purpose for a beginning of the year student questionnaire is to research student opinion in any given issue and to let them express their expectations for the following school year. Adapted with specific questions that will serve the purpose of the survey, you can gain insight and find fresh perspectives over the university life from a student’s point of view.

Here is a first day of school questionnaire sample which can be adapted for every educational level:

first day of school questionnaire sample

How to use a 123ContactForm First Day of School Questionnaire template?

  • brand each form with your university logo, colors and fonts;
  • archive answers in a Google Spreadsheet if you need them in the future;
  • generate reports to ease data interpretation and draw conclusions;

Keep in mind that all 123ContactForm web forms are:

– mobile compatible so that your students can fill it even during the first course from any device they own;
– easy to share with a direct link, embed on a social network page or on the university website so that all students can access it.

A first day of school questionnaire can set a right start to your activity, defining students’ expectations and directing you to the proper approach. 123ContactForm can be an easy to use survey tool for both professors and school administrators.

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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