Template Tuesday: Enhancing Education with Student Questionnaires

student questionnaire for start of the year sample

Happy Tuesday! Time to talk form templates.

Now that a new academic year is around the corner, it’s a good time to highlight our beginning of the year student questionnaire, a free template that helps students and professors to get to know each other.

This questionnaire helps you gather information on students’ goals and expectations for the upcoming year. If you’re a teacher, you can use the feedback to optimize the content of lectures and projects. If you’re an administrator, you can gain insights into students’ hopes for their life on campus.

Below is an example of a new school year questionnaire sample. It can be adapted to any educational level.

beginning of the year student questionnaire

Be sure to personalize your 123ContactForm student questionnaire:

  • Brand each form with your university logo, colors and fonts.
  • Archive answers in a Google Spreadsheet for future reference and to measure long-term trends.
  • Generate reports to ease data interpretation and draw conclusions.

Don’t forget that all 123ContactForm web forms are:

  • Mobile-friendly

    Your students can respond from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

  • Shareable

    Your 123ContactForm questionnaire is easy to share with a direct link, post on a social network, or publish on the university website.

Evaluate your performance with student satisfaction surveys

As the school year cranks along, those sparkling autumn aspirations can easily fade from view. 123ContactForm has web form templates that can help you take the temperature of your course. Try a student satisfaction survey once the term is well underway. That way you have a chance to adjust the speed, content, or format before time is up. Your efforts will surely be reflected in the results of the teaching evaluation form at the end of the class.

As you can see, web forms are so much more than a “Contact Us” email. Let us know in the comments if your school has come up with novel ways to use web forms to enhance teaching and administration.

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