Tuesday Form Template: The Universal Online Teacher Grade Book

Tuesday template is here!

Since we’ve talked about the new school year and offered educators real alternatives to the traditional task management through forms, our first template is a free online grade book form.

Grade books are universally used by all educators, as they make a great method to keep track over students, always know their progress and adapt teaching methods according to the general results of the class.

You can decide how you assess students, make adjustments, reassessments and take notes to observe special skills and development.

Online Grade Book Template Free

How to use a 123ContactForm Grade Book?

  • Use reports to see the general overview of your class through percentage of grades. Save reports and compare them after each evaluation to see improvements or drawbacks.
  • Have an archive of all grades. You can use your table of submissions from the 123ContactForm account or export data in Google Spreadsheet.
  • You can share them with ease with parents, principals or any other person interested in this matter by email or on a special page assigned for this purpose.

It’s easy, fun and time effective. You can check it for yourself and let us know the outcome.

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The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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