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Earlier this month we announced we were performing some server maintenance, but kept the surprise as of what kind of update we were preparing. Now we are excited to make the big announcement. Our team has decided to move 123ContactForm to a new hosting platform, and picked nothing less than the best: Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Why Amazon?

We like to keep 123ContactForm as stable as possible, this is why we headed towards the top cloud hosting provider. The variety of case studies from Amazon power users make us feel really good in the company of so many familiar names around the web which also chose Amazon to host their websites.
Amazon is the most scalable cloud hosting provider we know. “Scalability” translates as the capacity of the website to adapt to any usage loads. With Amazon, we made sure that our web form builder remains stable and agile no matter what, and that it can accommodate the ever increasing amount of data operated through the forms built by our awesome users.

123ContactForm now runs on Amazon EC2, which scales the servers seamlessly upon demand at each moment. Any number of users can access 123ContactForm at the same time, with the lowest latency possible. Moreover, the file uploads you receive within forms, as well as data pertaining to the form graphics, are hosted on Amazon S3. Speaking of our website resources, such as the images you see on our pages, they are loaded on CloudFront, which delivers content via a global network of edge locations around the world, making it all smooth and speedy. We are jazzed to see 123ContactForm loading much faster than in the past, and we are glad to provide a more comfortable site surfing experience for everybody.
Thank you for the patience you gave us in the period we performed the maintenance. We would love to hear your opinion on the overall feel of 123ContactForm after the move. Share your thoughts below!

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
Optimizing business procedures and improving digital communication through web forms, surveys, polls and online quizzes.

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  1. Mike Fox says:

    Thanks for your update information about 123contactforms.
    I’m using your free 5 forms service at the moment and am extremely pleased with all my 123 forms performance.
    Mike Fox

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