Cool Update of the Day: Fresh Live Demos in the Publish Form Section

Howdy, form crazes! Care for a quick look through the keyhole in the 123ContactForm office right now? (it’s okay, we’re all tempted to do that sometimes) If you’d take that sneak peek, the first thing you’d spot is our dev team releasing the latest handicraft from their lab: a new way to preview your forms in action before actually publishing them on your page.

As 123ContactForm is designed with every user in mind, we have a wide range of options for, well, everything. This stands for the form publishing options too. Did you know you can post forms you create with 123ContactForm on virtually any web platform you reside on? It’s true. You can send your forms through email (using ExactTarget for instance), share them on social media (check out our HootSuite integration), incorporate them on Wix-built sites, corporate websites, home business pages – and heck, even letters to Santa.

You can choose to simply share the form link with the entire world, or go further and embody the form within your web page using our embed options. For those of you who fancy more web 2.0 options, we have the lightbox forms and form buttons. “Lightbox” means your form will open in a layer that superposes to your page, creating a light-shadow effect of a certain elegant touch. Then comes the contact form button (or a quote request form button, or anything else) – a modern contact form option to integrate on your page in order to save space and attract clicks.

Want to try your form on and see how it looks like with each publishing option? Sure thing! Here is where today’s update comes in useful. You can just access the Publish form section (that’s the third step in our form editor) and click Live Demo. We’ve created a special dummy page where you can preview your form prior to actually placing it on your page. Want to use another image for the form button? Just hit Customize image and place the link to your own. It’s as simple as that.

For more fresh features and form tricks, you can follow us on Twitter – and even join the conversation if you wish! Happy form building!

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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