123ContactForm vs Heartbleed: Your Information is Safe With Us

heartbleedEarlier this week, a major security vulnerability under the code name Heartbleed and filed as CVE-2014-0160 was reported for recent versions of OpenSSL, a popular SSL library used to secure sensitive information. Emails, logins, transactions are at stake, and unfortunately online forms too. Major websites were affected, making everyone worried about their data – and for good reason.

The 123ContactForm development & server administrating teams have joined forces to address the issue, and we wanted to bring you the good news.

All 123ContactForm accounts and web forms are protected from any risk associated with the Heartbleed bug.

Here is why you can rest assured that your data is safe:

1. All precautionary measures were taken to make sure 123ContactForm users are not exposed to any risk of security breach or system breakdown caused by Heartbleed.

Amazon, the secure platform our service is hosted on, has promptly taken all measures to patch the OpenSSL vulnerabilities on their servers. You can take a close look upon the Amazon patch history here. In other words, the issue has been resolved in the most responsible and professional manner possible. Moreover, Amazon Web Services had already issued new SSL certificates for all of our domains, as was done for all websites hosted on AWS.

2. There is no evidence that data hosted on 123ContactForm servers were affected in any way as a result of Heartbleed.

Our systems that perform continuously scans upon the status of our servers have signaled no attempt of exploitation, nor has it been reported by human verification. We will keep an eye on all signals in the future too.

What you should do next?

As said above, all risks have been avoided proactively on 123ContactForm’s side. However, due to the severity and widespread character of this bug, we still recommend you reset the 123ContactForm password when you have the chance. Please let us know if any trouble occurs to your normal usage of our service, or if you encounter any unusual behavior, although it is highly unlikely.

This being said, our team is ready to address any questions or concerns you may have. Please contact us by live chat or email (support@123contactform.com) for immediate assistance whenever needed.

Thank you for being our customers and keep a healthy heart everyone!

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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