A Hopping Buddy For Our Kangaroo: 123ContactForm Easter Wishes

Easter eggs

Easter eggsThe 123ContactForm kangaroo has put on a pair of bunny ears and is hopping on the side of the Easter bunny for the holiday that is about to come. Let’s allow the holy light to fill our souls and surround us with its warmth and joy.

The team at 123ContactForm would like to wish you all a Happy Easter! May it bring you together with family, friends and loved ones, and may it find you celebrating and having a wonderful time. Not to forget, good luck in the Easter egg hunt! Our favorite Easter eggs are the ones made from creamy chocolate, maybe flavored. If you like those too, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you to find as many as you can.

We will have a holiday schedule for Easter at 123ContactForm and will be out of office on Monday, April 22th. However, our support team will be there to assist you with most urgent tasks that may appear. If not through live chat (our colleagues may be looking for their share in the Easter egg hunt), then you can still talk to them using our dedicated email address, support@123contactform.com. They will do their best to get back to you as soon as they can (or as soon as they’ve found all the hidden chocolate eggs 🙂 ). Thank you for your understanding.

In the holiday spirit, we’ve prepared a special form with an Easter-y touch. We invite you to tell us your favorite Easter egg colour and play with the color options to see what happens. Obviously, feel free to create your own customized forms, be they Easter or non-Easter themed. We’d love if you would share them with us.

Curious how we built the form? Ask us in the comments or tweet us and we’ll share the tips!

Web form image courtesy of SweetCrisis / freedigitalphotos.net

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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