Marketers, Find Us Easier: 123ContactForm Is Now Part of the ExactTarget & Partner Community

ExactTarget Marketing CloudYou may have heard that last summer the leading cloud marketing 1:1 platform ExactTarget has been acquired by, labeled world’s #1 CRM environment. As partners of both players, we are glad to announce that 123ContactForm has recently been listed in the ExactTarget and unified Partner Community Directory, in the good company of other world-class businesses that work well with the two joined platforms. We feel great there, and we hope you won’t hesitate to use this means in order to reach out to us with any form-related questions.

Speaking of the transformation that has impacted ExactTarget lately, we won’t bug you with too many details and figures of the ExactTarget acquisition (although the numbers are big). What you should know is that your use of the 123ContactForm integration with ExactTarget has not been influenced in any way by the merger, nor that of our integration. For the moment, both integrations function independently same as before. We will announce you should things change on our partners’ end.

To sum things up, if you are using 123ContactForm to power your web forms on ExactTarget and push leads back to your ExactTarget account and to grow your contacts base, you’ve made an inspired choice and we thank you. We are constantly working on developing new sides of our integrations. You should be in for a pleasant ExactTarget-related surprise soon, so stay tuned.

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
Optimizing business procedures and improving digital communication through web forms, surveys, polls and online quizzes.

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