Web Forms for Photographers: 1, 2, 3… Shoot!


digital-cameraTaking photos is like capturing an image capable of expressing tons of emotions. That’s why you, the photographers, are like wizards when it comes to showing the joy of a newly wed couple or the pure happiness of parents holding their newborn, all through a meaningful picture.

No matter what season we are in, taking pictures is always on the agenda for professional photographers. Just think of all the beautiful images with spring flowers, summery fields, colored leaves, and snow covered landscapes.

At 123ContactForm we love visuals. What we do love too is striving to help you handle a part of your workload with web forms. Thus, today it’s all about getting visual, as well as effective. And because we’re in full wedding season, we thought of listing a few of the forms photographers can use as part of their data management tasks.

We got inspired from our awesome photographers who use our platform to build the forms they need.

To start off with your prospects, you can use a photography consultation form, like the one shown below. In this example, the photographer offers future bride and groom the chance to get in touch for having a more detailed discussion about a photo shoot. They are asked for some initial information, so the photographer can get a sense of how to tell their story. Clients are also asked when the actual wedding is, with help of a Google calendar field, in order for the photographer to schedule the photo shoot.


Image courtesy of Liz Grogan Photography

An alternative to the photography consultation form is the photography shoot booking form, where your customers actually book you for a shooting. The same Google calendar integration is really useful here. It sends the appointments to your calendar, so you don’t risk skipping a meeting or overbooking. In terms of sharing the form, you can include it on your website, as well as share the link across other communication channels you may use for your clients.

The wedding photography booking form resembles to the previous form. Though, it adds the mention that it’s dedicated to wedding photography, so it’ll only handle this type of shootings. Good thing about this form is that you can include all the fields you need to get a complete overview on the wedding to come. Details about the date, the venue, the number of guests, the bride’s and groom’s attire can help you plan your photo shoot thoroughly. Use our multi-page feature if you feel like the form is getting too long, but you still need to ask a few more things.

You can replace the “wedding” in the wedding photography booking form with “event”, if you need a general event photography booking form. Same tips apply, while you adapt your form fields to the event, instead of a wedding.

If you want to engage your customers, you can use a win a free shoot form. Besides incentivizing your existing customers, there’s the potential of attracting new ones. Share the form across multiple channels, so that it reaches as many people as it can. Just to name a few channels, you can publish the form on your website, blog, share the link via social media (did you know you can use our Hootsuite integration?), or within your emails.

Next on our list is the photography agreement form. This form can aid you in establishing a contract between you and your customers. As you now, everything you talk with them should be written somewhere, so that things are clear. The digital signature field lets your client sign the form, and the print feature allows them to have a written copy of the form.

The last example to come on our photographer’s form list is the photography workshop registration form. In case you host workshops, this form is a valuable tool for you. A couple of workshop examples we’ve seen among photographers are ones aimed to other industry peers, dedicated to presenting a certain technique, and workshops for future brides, so that they know how to pose. The registration form provides you with a clear overview on your workshop participants. Use a payment processor integration if you want to set a fee for participants.

So this is our list for today. Feel free to add other form suggestions to it. And why not also share some of your awesome images with us?

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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