Form Use Scenario – Tracking Student Progress During an Acting Workshop

When you think of improving your teaching skills, what comes first to mind? Taking up some courses? Asking for student feedback? These are sound alternatives but there is more to it. What about tracking student progress? Finding out how they manage in assessing new data will offer a clue on their learning process and insights on what areas you should further focus upon.

How to tackle this process? With tracking progress forms, through which teachers can monitor student development and adapt their teaching strategies based on student input. Through this type of form students can also articulate personal learning goals and review their evolution.

In the tutorial below I’ll make a  walkthrough on how to set a web form that tracks student progress in the context of a  theatre workshop. Goal: find  out what acting skills students want improved and how the workshop performed on developing them.

The 123ContactForm Team
The 123ContactForm Team
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