Get That Newsletter Sign-Up Rate In The 7th Heaven With These Small Tweaks

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Get That Newsletter Sign-Up Rate In The 7th Heaven With These Small Tweaks

newsletter sign-up

These days the battle to reach your customers’ inbox is more intense than ever. And when it comes to prompt them to sign up for your newsletter, the challenge is even tougher. In order to win this battle you first need to have the right hook. Start on the right foot by touching up the newsletter signup area with some little tweaks that go a long way.

Outline the benefits of newsletter sign-up

Would you subscribe to a newsletter if all you found in the subscribe box is a text saying “Signup to our newsletter”? Not really.

As a study ran by DMA (Direct Marketing Association) showed, the main reasons  customers sign up for a newsletter is to be the first to know about offers/sales (61%) or discounts (59%). Of course it’s not wise and safe for your brand to promise such things on a regular basis, but try to sweeten the deal of with some other kind of incentives.

When shaping up the reasons for subscribing always keep in mind this golden question related to your customer –  “What’s in it for him?”. Inform them about what is great/different about your newsletter or why would someone want to sign up. Since marketing emails account for 70% of spam complaints, also let them know about the delivery frequency. Check out the form on this landing page:


Social proof works every time

We humans are paradoxical fellows. We’re always in the search for being different but we end up doing what others do. Ever wondered why “popular items” are so… popular? Because people are interested in what others have chosen. Restaurants are a living proof of this (here’s a study that shows how restaurants see an increase in dish orders simply by highlighting the popular ones).

Back to your newsletter, showing that many others have signed up increases the likelihood of catching new subscribers. From subscribers numbers up to testimonials, make sure you add what’s more relevant for the context of newsletter signup form. Here’s a good practice on this matter:

social proof

Enhance trust with privacy policy

Although it doesn’t sound enticing at all, a privacy policy works magic. You don’t have to get too fancy. Just tell people what type of data you are collecting and how you’ll use it. Michael Aagaard from Content Verve conducted several A/B tests on how privacy policy affected sign-up rates. The test concluded that wording has great importance too. Keep away from the word “spam” even though it’s placed in a context that sounds like “we’ll never spam you”. People are sensible to this particular word.


So, there you have it. Three smart and simple tweaks to milk your newsletter signup form. If you aren’t already using them, do get going. You can start off using a template or play around customizing your subscribe to newsletter form to fit your branding needs. Let the signups roll in!

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