Is Your Online Store Ready for the Holiday Shopping Madness?

Basic steps you can take to get your online store ready for the holiday shopping madness.

The holiday sales season is just around the corner. And given the fact that over the last few years online shopping has increased dramatically, if you’re a small business owner and you sell products or services online you can consider yourself lucky. You can definitely use this trend to your advantage. The busiest yet the most profitable time of the year can help you boost your small business sales. So here are some basic steps you can take to get your online store ready for the holiday shopping madness:

Plan ahead. The sooner the better

Again, it’s the busiest time of the year so staying organized is the key to success. Start with developing a marketing plan, choose an effective discounting strategy, create a promotional calendar and establish your promotional channels. [Adapt the use of forms on Facebook and gain reachability, new leads and opportunities]

Create a positive customer experience

All the information your customers may need has to be visible on your website. From phone number and store hours to a Google interactive map, make sure that your contact details are easy to find. [ Tips on how to increase contact form usability]

You could also consider adding a FAQ section to make it easy for your customers to quickly find the answers they need.

Deliver awesome customer support.

Be prepared to answer any questions customers may have about their orders and you’ll build great customer relationships. Moreover, you can boost sales through customer feedback.

Provide a smooth purchasing experience

Whether you decide that a shopping cart solution is what you need or you choose to go with online order forms since you’re a small online store owner, be sure to choose the right tool for providing your customers with a quick, safe and flexible purchasing process.

Make your website mobile-friendly 

Making sure that your website is user-friendly is vital for attracting customers and retaining them, but you also need to provide your shoppers on the go with a positive mobile experience. It can make or break your eCommerce website.

Now, tell us, how are you preparing for the upcoming holiday sales season? Comment below.

Claudia Borceanu
Claudia Borceanu
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