New Uploads Manager With Image Visualization

new view mode for upload manager

Great news, everyone! A new addition has been added to the Uploads Manager of your 123ContactForm account. You can now view the images that have been uploaded through your web forms directly in the Uploads Manager section. All you have to do is click the file that you want to view and a window will popup on your screen with the image. You can now check the images that have been uploaded to you without having to download them. In the design industry, this is a helpful improvement.

view file uploads on 123contactform

Moreover, we have moved the link to the Uploads Manager to a place where it’s easier to spot, on the left menu, as seen below.

uploads manager 123contactform

The Uploads Manager section is the place where all files that have been uploaded through your web forms are stored. To receive uploads, you need to add the File Upload field to your form. To check uploads, go to the My Account section of your 123ContactForm account and click Upload Manager in the menu on the left.

Remember that you can always use our Drobox integration to store files in your Dropbox account. File uploads are available starting with the Gold plan.

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