New URL Referrer & Form Host Columns in Submissions

web form referrer and web form host

The URL referrer is a valuable asset for any digital marketing campaign, because it helps you understand who your visitors are and from where do they come from. If the goal of your campaign is to get those visitors fill in a web form, wouldn’t it be great to capture the referrer data in your database? This would definitely help you evaluate which source performed better. Until recently, you had the option on 123ContactForm to add the referrer of each submission to the footer of your email notifications. Now you can do more than that.

From now on, you can locate the URL referrer of each new entry in the Submissions section of your online form. And, because we know some of you are using your web forms on several locations on the web, we’ve added the host column that will help you understand on which page the submission was made. The only requirement for getting quality data in your Form Host column is to have the form embedded on each one of those web pages with the Javascript code.

Just look for the columns Referrer and Form Host in your submissions. You’ll find them on the far right of the table.

  • You can now export all of your referrers and hosts from your submissions in CSV or Excel.
  • You can still add the referrer to your email notification footer, if required. It’s not required to use that feature in order to view the The Referrer and Form Host columns in your form submissions.

Increase your web form conversions with this new addition of capturing referrer URLs in your submissions. If you have questions or require assistance, send us a message on our contact page.

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  1. sayeed mehrjerdian says:

    Where do we get the javascript to start capturing these two fields?

    • Olivian Stoica says:

      Hello Sayeed!

      You will find the JavaScript embed code in the PublishEmbed Code code section of your form, within the 123ContactForm account. If you need more assistance, our customer support specialists will gladly help at


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