Can form users edit delivered submissions at a later time?

Yes, users can edit their submissions even after they have sent them. To enable this feature, go to SettingsAdvanced and tick the option Allow respondents to edit delivered submissions at a later time.

123ContactForm edit delivered submissions at a later time

After clicking the Submit button, on the Thank You page, form users will receive a link and instructions for using it.

Edit a delivered form submission

When that link is accessed, the form opens up in a lightbox. Form fields contain the input users have provided and all content is editable. After making edits, users simply need to click on the Update Submission button to have the new content saved.

Note: Autoresponders and email notifications can be resent when users edit delivered submissions at a later time. If you enable the option of editing delivered submissions, three new checkboxes will show up: Resend confirmation message (autoresponder) every time the submission is edited, Resend notification e-mail every time the submission is edited and Open edit link in the same tab. The first does not appear unless you enable the option Send a confirmation message to the sender (autoresponder) in the SettingsNotifications section first.

By default, the link provided on the Thank You page opens in a new tab. Therefore, by selecting the Open edit link in the same tab option, you can set it to open in the same tab. Your form users may click on this link in order to bookmark it.

Stella Ashaolu

Is it possible to have the auto generated link for updating included on the thank you email or confirmation email?

November 04, 2016 06:07
    Vlad Raischi

    Hello Stella!

    Yes, it is possible to include the Edit Submission Link in the autoresponder. After enabling the option that allow users to resume at a later time, you need to go to the Settings -> Notifications -> Form users section and click the Customize button under the Autoresponder subsection. Then create an autoresponder that includes the link.

    If you need help with anything else please contact our Support Team via email at, or by using our contact form.


    February 19, 2017 08:15
jose colon

Am doing this form for a subscription base website. Question i have; The form is on a members page how can i save their info and if later down the road they need to change there info example clothes size how can they comeback and change it without doing the form all over again?

March 18, 2016 12:38

    Hi Jose!

    You can do that by going to Form Settings –> Advanced.

    Once you are there, check the box that says “Allow respondents to edit delivered submissions at a later time”.

    March 21, 2016 08:49

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