Can I change the number of forms listed on the page?

Can I change the number of forms listed on the page?

Yes. By default, the number of forms displayed in the section My Forms is 20. You can change this number to 50 or 100. Open the dropdown list labeled Show and select your preferred number. You can only see this option if you’re in the default view mode. If you use groups, the option is hidden.

123ContactForm set number of forms to appear on page


  1. Jannina López says:

    Hi I started using your webpage today, since I found out about you thru HootSuite.
    I was trying to create a new form and get to now the use of your settings, when I accidentally duplicated the form. When I noticed this I deleted the duplicated form, but noticed that i had discounted one of the forms I’m allowed to create in a free mode. Is this true? Is there anyway I can recuperate the number of available forms. This is important to me because I’m testing your service to see if it works with my clients and my own needs.

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