Can I insert a hyperlink in my form?

Can I insert a hyperlink in my form?

insert a hyperlink

Yes, you can insert a hyperlink or more on your form. To insert a link in your form, use the HTML block (Form EditorAdvanced Fields). Add it to your form, select it and click on the Edit HTML Block link, on the left. There, you simply need to select the text that you want to link to a page, click on the Link icon and paste the page URL. Next, add the text and opt between having the link opened in the same window or in a new one. In Source Code, you can add some HTML or CSS codding to further customize your link (e.g. change color, size or font). But this not the only way you can insert hyperlinks to your online form.

You can also insert hyperlinks on choice fields for radio buttons and checkboxes. Simply use the a href tag to add the link and a text. See the example below:

<a href="">Link</a>

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